August 15, 2014


We’re looking for interesting people with a passion for BDSM, various fetishes, piss, bondage, spanking and so forth that are interested in doing something different than the focus of most porn productions.
We don’t have strict requirement regarding looks you don’t have to be a model and extravagant style (tattoos, piercings, bright colored hair and so forth) is even a plus. So don’t hesitate and contact us thru the questioner.

  • We’re cool people so shooting with us is also fun
  • You will get your honorarium right after shooting
  • Were reliable and we expect the same from you
  • We prefer long term cooperation

This questioner regards the LAW ON PERSONAL DATA PERTECTION see below
The information WILL NOT be distributed to any third party and by any circumstances WILL NOT be published!


Basic info about you

Name and last name


Mobile phone




Visage and photo



Tattoo, piercing, other body modifications

Photos may not be professional, just a relatively high-quality photos from a mobile phone. Whole figure front and rear, the best in lingerie and face.

What kind of cooperation do you interested?

Sexual orientation

Role in sex



Other interests, experiences.

Control question

By sending this information I am giving explicit consent for S&M project to process all my information with in the means of the law see law n. 101/2000 Sb., regarding personal data protection. And that only under the circumstances if needed for shooting or other activities of S&M Project. See full law amended in PDF format.


We have experience with performing in suspension show salon, organizing shows in happenings, festivals, concerts and the like. Cooperation with us is great! Time to time we do pictures with famous photographers. We made appearence in a few music videoclips. We are frequently participating in various cultural or subcultural events due the past or present activities with SM project.

We are cooperate with:

  • Tattoo and piercing salon
  • Tattoo and piercing salon
  • Band Sodoma Gomora
  • Artist De Sade
  • Festival Obscene Extreme
  • Club Styx
  • Club Exit-Us
  • Photographer Petr Jedinák
  • Photographer Danny Worm
  • Photographer Murhaaya
  • Photographer Tymur
  • Cabaret Goldfingers Prague
  • Artist Zombího Obludárium
  • Pornstar Lulu Jung
  • BDSM club Ateliér