23. July, 2017

Gallery for this year’s performance of the S&M Project at the Obscene Extreme festival, for the fourth year!

The photo gallery contains photos from different photographers in different qualities. The gallery and who participated in the show, can be found below.



Ascetic and four Sins.

Asceticism is something unknown for most of us, but Sins, that’s different story… We all love them.

Ascetic and four of seven Deadly Sins, Lust, Pride, Gluttony and Sloth.

They’ll all connect with asceticism in perversion, pain and blasphemy!

_Sultan Sade_

S&M Project Crew
Director/Idea – Sultan Sade
Music Artist/Composer – Edgar Schwarz
Performers – Sultan Sade as Ascetic _ Majkelina Cat as Lust _ Zlenka as Pride _ J. as Gluttony _ Anea Capaken as Sloth
_ Bugtcher as Holy man _ Mirecek Jamrtal as Acolyte
Masker/Makeup – Jakub Zombie Grundler
Tech. Support – Mirecek Jamrtal
Photo – Agience Maeve
Camera – Jarek Plouhar
Big thanks!
The father of Obscene Extreme Curby and his whole festival crew!
All great photographers – Agience Maeve _ Aneta Urbancova _ Mardya Larose _ Grindsnake _ Tomas Micak _ Jan Bartos/Trutnovinky
Master blacksmith – Zdenek Grausam
Lunatic Media
and more…

Poster/graphic _ brilliant Tomas Motal