Beneficial concert_Cross club_2.6. 2016

22. May, 2016

It all started in 2008 in now non-existing legendary club Black Pes, last year with the encouragement of my friend Meda this event, called Benefit, was renewed. All! the money collected go’s to the shelter Občanské sdružení ZÁCHRANNÉ PACIČKY and DEVĚT ŽIVOTŮ

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This year we have a wonderful and unusual line up, there is not a big chance you will see these bands together on one stage again.

Like every year you can see a unique suspension show that this year will truly not be for week personalities, the show will start and end with a short screening! The musical accompaniment will be by Edgar Schwarz .

The entrance fee is voluntary, however we suggest a donation less than 100 kc. All contributions DOUBLES !! So if you contribute 200,- the amount will be by 200,- higher.

There will also be an unconventional raffle with perfect prizes that are in limited supply!

– Bands –

In the dark industrial Ostrava a crazy trio got together and started creating unusual and genius electronic music rooted in old school, accompanied by unique screenings. To see this live is truly and experience. It’s our honor even though it is probably not needed to introduce to you Schwarzprior!

Diphteria, is a flawless combination of hard core and metal, the unbelievable energy these peole put into live performances will get to everyone..there performance at last year’s Brutal Assault festival got many visitors on their knees. Here they are!

Sick, tainted, depressive and rhythmic… this is metal rendered by seasoned musicians Morkhimme! This group of people are a part of Czech underground for a very long time and we’re very happy to have them here at the Benefit. Voilà !!

Last but not least a new electronic music project composed of experienced members of HC/Screamo bands.. VONT, this electronic music isn’t anything pretty, masks, filth and noise with a purpose… it’s a hoot a big depressive hoot.

!! PHOTO GALLERIES from previous years, careful, EXPLICIT MATERIAL! +18/NSFW !!

Graphics – poster, glorious Striga :-*