Echo of Transgression — Genesis P-Orridge

25. December, 2023

It Is a Painful Thing to Be Alone: We Are But One

 is the title of the exhibition dedicated to the work of Genesis P-Orridge, curated by our friend Otto M. Urban, as well as Benjamin Tischer from the New Discretions and Genesse P-Orridge gallery. The exhibition is complemented by works from other authors associated with the ideas and work of Genesis P-Orridge, as well as one member of the S&M Project, Lucie Hošková. The opening along with the performance took place on October 25, 2023, at the DOX gallery in Prague.

The performance, titled “Echo of Transgression – Genesis P-Orridge,” was conceived after its execution and primarily references Genesis’s early periods, including COUM Transmission and the band/group Throbbing Gristle.

More insights can be found in the gallery below, and interpretation is left to each of you. The performance was accompanied by noise that emerged during the act, using various activities and materials. For the performance, a special set was played by the group Maldorör Disco.

Echo of Transgression — Genesis P-Orridge


Ritual dance, frontal nudity, immobility…blindness, noise, androgyny, and depersonalization with agonizing nullification of the penis, desecration of body corsets with coagulating blood intertwined with the crafting of sacraria from needles, all culminating into a desperate cacophony of sound from a mutilated body amidst industrial noise.

The end and finalization of the sacrarium.

Performers — Sultan Sade, Simona Sikra Krausová, Lucie Hošková, Anna Nováková

Music — Maldorör Disco — František Štorm, Kamil Princ

Noise/Ambient — Lucie Hošková

Sound — Přemek Ondra

Photo — Agience Maeve, Bohuslav Vaněk-Úvalský, Jaroslav Brabec

Special thanks primarily go to Otto M. Urban for inviting us to this unique event and for his trust. Likewise to the Dox gallery and Leoš Válek. Great appreciation is also due to Přemek Ondra, without whose enthusiasm sound would not be sound, noise would not be noise… As well as the entire S&M Project crew, Bejamin, Genesse and many others whom I have forgotten.

S&M Project — Sultan Sade

Gallery from Agience Maeve
 Gallery from Jaroslav Brabec