22. June, 2022

A performance that took place at the legendary Obscene Extreme festival. Wednesday, July 13, 2022 at 00:00 — 00:30

 See below for a gallery and who all was involved in the performance.

I would like to dedicate this performance to my mother for all she has done for me in my life. Rest in peace, H.K., August 13, 2022.


A parable dedicated to A. Tarkovsky. Fanaticism combined with worship. His last work, death and rebirth in the stoical sense. Sacrifice linked to primitive instincts, the symbolism of fire, perversion and pain.

Photo Agience Photography

Gallery – Agience

Gallery – Backstage (Agience/T. Micak)

Gallery – Tomas Micak

Gallery – Milos Salek



S&M Project crew

Director/Idea – S&M Project – Sultan Sade
PerformersSultan Sade as Demon _ Sikra as Demon _ Dolores as Hope _ 
Fanatics _ Eduard Jakuba _ Gabi _ Zlenka/Ptáček _ Lucie Hoskova
Music/Composer – Willhelm Grasslich
SFX/MakeupJakub Zombie Grundler
Tech. supportMireček Jamrtal 
PhotoAgience Maeve _ Tomas Micak _ Mardya _ Milos Salek
CameraJarek Plouhar
Many thanks!

To the father of Obscene Extreme Curby and his whole festival crew!
and others…