Ritual_Obscene Extreme fest.

8. August, 2016

Rituals, do not only follow man from the beginning, some of them bring joy and happiness, they celebrate life, some celebrate birth, others death or the sick mind, this one doesn’t celebrate anything, or maybe it does, it is a celebration of not only perversion, but also of what keep us alive and thanks to which we live.

Don’t be afraid to taste it, † live †. Second time taking place, Thursday night…

– Sultan Sade –

Below thanks you to all who participated in the performance. Entire albums are selfishly only for you …

Performance took place at the Obscene Extreme festival, 14.7. 2016. See you next year!


All outstanding photographers, especially our Agience Maeve, Sorrowdy, Aneta Urbancova,Grindsnake, Mardya

Performers Zlenka Z., Mirecek Jamrtal, Mila Bugtcher,  make- up artist Jakub Zombie and Sikra for her work on costumes.

Master Edgar Schwarz for the music he composed and played on stage.

Last but not least big boss Curby and his brilliant Obscene Extreme crew! And many other.