S&M meets kind? – Harlot_Obscene extreme 2019

19. September, 2019

Gallery for this year’s performance of the S&M Project at the Obscene Extreme festival a.d. 2019

 The gallery and who participated in the show, can be found below.



S&M meets kind? – Harlot

Sex. Sex is the drive of humanity even when human civilization is already disappearing.

Sexual interaction is no longer for reproduction, but for fun.

Whores, who made a living through prostitution for millennia know about it.

 Its no difference here, at the end of the world, where nothing lives and nothing is born anymore.

How would you have fun if you could do anything?

S&M Project


Backstage gallery


S&M Project crew

Director/Idea –S&M Project
Performers – Sultan Sade as Redneck _ Majkelina Cat  as Redneck Girl _ Dolores as Harlot _ Sikra as Pimp
Costumes – Sikra 
Masker/Makeup – Jakub Zombie Grundler
Tech. Support – Mireček Jamrtal _ Míla Bugtcher
Camera –  Jakub Zombie Grundler  _ The Frodys 
Big thanks!
The father of Obscene Extreme Curby and his whole festival crew!
All great photographers – Agience Maeve _ Barbora Lazarczykova _ Jiri Veseli _ Mardya _ Miloš Šálek
and more…