S&M Project_Congress II

22. February, 2017

S&M Project_Congress II

We were more than two hundred again, not counting performers, photographers, etc. So many beautiful and open-minded people in one place, music, entertainment, performances –  even in your direction when you get involved in the events on stage and in the club. The whole evening was without any problems, full of great atmosphere, dresscode was generally also great …

Thanks to all of you this evening was the way it was –  perverse, kinky, full of freedom and without any prejudice.

Big thanks to

Club Buben and its whole crew, namely Adela and Bugi

All performers – Anea Capaken, Denise Schmied, Reznik and Baletka

Lenka and Venca, for their care about you on entry and to Honza in cloakroom. Mirecek for technical support. And Nicol for translating

DJs Synaptik, Dash and Edgar Schwarz for great music

Photographers Agience Maeve, Petr Jedinak, Tomas Micak and Andrea XS

Camera – Ponik

For sure, we´ll meet again, on our next Congress

_ Sultan Sade/Majkelina Cat _

†   †   †

Third album from Tomas Micak

†   †   †

Second album from Agience Maeve

†   †   †

First album from Petr Jedinak