S&M Project_Congress_III

28. February, 2018

Thank you all for an amazing evening and such attendance. Night full of beautiful people, music and kinky atmosphere.

And big thanks to all of you, who helped with organisation of this Meeting – Congress !


Whip/Rope _  Ganboj/Bara

Absence of Hapiness _ Sultan Sade/Denise Schmied/Misa

Statues/Cripples _ Sultan Sade/Zlenka/Anea Capaken/J.

meFmoD _ Majkelina Cat/If/Alex





Mirecek for his usual technical support. Zombie for his FX support. Michal and his Underdog’s club crew. Kristina and Venca. All photographers and other people!

Below you can check photoreport from S&M Project photographer, Agience MaeveTomas Micak And something more..

S&M Project _ Sultan Sade

Club, friends, visitors and some performance photos  Tomas Micak

Several backstage and club photos … from Petr Jedinak and Petr Azrael