Temptation of Saint Anthony

4. December, 2023

A performance that took place at the legendary Obscene Extreme festival. Wednesday, July 05, 2023 at 23:55 — 00:10


Temptation of Saint Anthony

Bodies with and without genitalia, splendor and magnificence alternated with a flood of patricide’s bile, thoughts of allurement, arched delicate noses in his eyes, ears incoherent and pinned against tightly, moist, mucous — sweaty… Roasts and meats soaked in red blood, drinks exquisite, manifestation of the bliss itself inside the mind temple. Lips on the breast swelling because of the wine, buxom, overflowing with milk, enticement… Lustful limbs, phalluses full of boiling blood, craving and strength in resistance — to cling to them. Beasts and non-humans, women and laps wet, full of juices, Jesus, the holy mother, and their Lord… Temptation of Saint Anthony — it will be truly intense…

Sultan Sade

Translation by Kamil Princ

 Thanks to all and gallery from performance can be found here