The Dread festival I

22. October, 2022

Freely and without any censorship was given my lecture on the subject of BME – extreme body modifications, which took place on the Dread Festival No. 1, dated 4 June 2022 AD, at the Sýpka gallery, located in Buštěhrad.

Unfortunately, no record is available.

Sultan Sade

Below you can find a text of Kamil Princ, who is my friend and one of the organizers of this celebration of decadence and disgust.

The premiere of the Dread Festival (“Festival hrůzy” in Czech), which brings together artists from the world of decadence, horror, BDSM, death-metal, nihilism and other similar genres beyond the boundaries of excess, took place on the 4 June in Buštěhrad and is preparing other follow-up events honouring obscenity, aesthetics of immorality and artistically approached evil in different forms and incarnations.

The Dread Festival was above all about ideas and people:

• About IDEAS tearing down the Berlin Wall between the hideous and the beautiful, which despite of their visual dissimilarities are the Siamese twins with one heart and a shared blood circulation. Both infernal dismay and celestial ecstasy can be considered as two sides of the same coin, which (after all, like everything) we will one day hand over to the customs officer of death – Charon himself.

• And of course about PEOPLE that are lost in their dark fantasies, for whom perversion is as sacred, virtuous and joyful as the Christian faith in the bleeding Jesus. The Kingdom of Heaven lies in hell, latex is the modern Shroud of Turin, and the choking gag tastes like the sweetest sacramental bread of the Eucharist. The time has come for the aesthetic of malevolence, which has been ripening since the era of the late 19th century decadence (mistakenly presumed dead), following the example of the biblical Lazarus to rise from its black chrysalis coffin and spread its monstrously splendid wings of the death’s-head hawkmoth.

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sultan sade

Photos by Agience(most loved), Audrey, Bohuslav Vaněk-Úvalský